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If you would like a listing for your Iseum included on Fellowship of Isis Central, please contact: 
Iseum de la Sagrada Espiral del Sur 
Note: The iseum founders work in two different countries.
See listing under Chile & Argentina below.
Iseum Virgen Desatanudos
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Contact: Sandra Román 

Isis, la Señora de los Misterios (Isis the Lady of Mysteries)
Rosario City
This Iseum works in Rosario City, Argentina physically and in other countries through the Internet.
Contact: Meera 

Iseum of the Cosmic Dance
Langwarrin, Victoria
Contact: StormIsis
Postal Address: P.O. Box 4241Langwarrin, Victoria 3910
Online Discussion Group:
Iseum of Divine Light
Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: D. McMurray
Iseum of the Golden Brisingamen
Hoddles Creek, Victoria
Contact: Samantha

Iseum of Heka
Dedicated to the Goddesses Aset, Sekhmet and Hekate. The purpose of this center, according to the founder: “To be a contact for fellow seekers, students and masters alike and to share the wisdom as well as partake in the path of the God/dess. To keep striving for knowledge and its useful application for the betterment and benefit of mankind, the earth and its creatures and spirit. I will speak truth with humility and deliver messages of insight when I am asked by my akhu and Gods in good faith.”
Contact: Setjataset, Prs. H.
Address: PO Box 117
Clarinda Victoria 3169

Iseum of the Sacred Birch
Cranbourne Victoria
Contact: Akina-Isis

Magickal Iseum of Isis and Hekate
Sydney, Australia
This Iseum is dedicated to  the Goddesses Isis and Hekate through the Fellowship of Isis. It is a place for deep reverence of the Goddess and a community base for seekers of her teachings and wisdom. This Iseum is based in Sydney, Australia.
Contact: Louise Hutchings

Per en Amenti Iseum
Victoria, Australia
Isis of Divine Healing Iseum
Cotoneu, Benin Republic

Iseum of Awakening of Magic (Despertar da Magia)
Rev. D
ébora Barcelos

Iseum Casa da Vida (House of Life)

Brasília/DF, Brazil
This Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess Ísis and Osiris. All information about the spiritual path and the rites are available in both Portuguese and English.Inside the Iseum students can participate in workshops with healing faces of Isis, oracular work, experience with and Maat the 42 laws, among other training linked to Egyptian magic.
Contact: Hypátia Etena Mari/Marina Junqueira
E-mail: or

Iseum Estrela de Yemaya (Yemaya's Star)
Brasilia/DF, Brazil
This Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess Yemaya. In this Iseum the journey of the Adepti Spiral is developed by the ways of love and the waters, in which the candidate learns about divine connection, devotion, self-healing, self-love, intuition, therapeutic oracle and engagement in the preservation of the world's waters. Guidance for oracular training and healing courses are offered. It is open to new members from distance or in person!
Contact: Rev. Alejandro Freyr
Iseum Flor de Afrodite (Aphrodite's Flower)
Nova Iguacu/RJ, Brazil
This Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite. Through the petals of Her flower, the candidate will be guided into a journey of healing and self knowledge, finding it's true desire and will. Navigating in the waters of Aphrodite is a challenge for everyone who wants to discover their own Truth, in love and pleasure.
Contact: Pr. H. Luiz Carlos Coutinho
Blog: Iseum Flor de Afrodite e Lyceum Caminhos de Hecate -

Iseum Quartzo Rosa (Rose Quartz)
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil
This Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess Gaia and the Goddess Kuan Yin. The path within the Iseum corresponds to 8 magic mirrors, which will put the candidate in contact with the kingdoms of the Gods, the magical diversity of the earth and the ecstasy of the body. The concept of mirrors is a mention of the first mirrors of this land, lakes in the land of Gaia, with their mirrored surfaces that guard the mud that nourishes the lotus. We believe that when we heal the earth we recover the heart of humanity. This Iseum is committed to being a safe place for LGBTQ's, women and all those who feel the call of the Goddess. Offering online and in person training only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Contact: Dio Kahu/Diego Oliveira


Iseum Quartzo Rosa (Rose Quartz)

Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brasil

Este Iseum é dedicado à Deusa Gaia e à Deusa Kuan Yin. O caminho dentro do Iseum corresponde a 8 espelhos mágicos, que irão pôr o candidato em contato com os reinos dos Deuses, a diversidade mágica da terra e o êxtase do corpo.  O conceito de espelhos é uma menção aos primeiros espelhos desta terra, lagos existentes na terra de Gaia, com suas superfícies espelhadas que guardam a lama que nutre a lótus. Acreditamos que quando curamos a terra recuperamos o coração da humanidade. Este Iseum se compromete em ser um local seguro para LGBTQ’s, mulheres e todos aqueles que sentem o chamado da Deusa. Oferecemos treinamento on-line ou presencial somente em português do Brasil.
Contact: Dio Kahu/Diego Oliveira

Iseum Rosa de Gaia (Gaia's Rose)

Joinville/SC, Brazil
This Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess Gaia. The Iseum works with the healing power of the earth and of ourselves, mixing the four elements and our vital force to transform and change the world we live in. Gaia helps us through our path, guiding and teaching about how to be in harmony with our planet and ourselves, respecting our body and the Earth. All information about the spiritual path and the rites are available in both Portuguese and English.
Contact: Bruno Herzog
Blog: Iseum Rosa de Gaia e Mahina Lyceum
Iseum Venerandum
Sao Paolo
The Iseum Venerandum is dedicated to Isis. It was founded in 2010 by Claudiney Prieto, who was ordained into Fellowship of Isis by the Priestess deTraci Regula. The main focus of the Center is worship the Goddess Isis in her many aspects and to learn/teach about her rites, myths and ways.
Claudiney Prieto

Lua Negra Iseum
Brasilia, Brazil
The founder has dedicated this center to Isis and Anubis. The Dark Moon Iseum was the first center of the Fellowship of Isis in Brazil. It was founded on December 08, 2005 by Naelyan Wyvern, Priestess of Isis, consecrated by Deena Butta.  The Dark Moon Iseum is located in Brasilia, DF, and is dedicated to the goddess Aset, more commonly known as Isis. Iseum's proposal is to be a place of celebration to honor the ancient gods, especially the Gods of Kemet, the country known today as Ancient Egypt.
Contact: Naelyan Wyvern
Heart of Isis Iseum
Ontario, Canada
Iseum of Dana and Herne, Greenman
Ontario, Canada
At this time we are not prepared to do long distant teachings but will accept students within S. Ontario who are dedicated to learning the Old Ways. I offer teaching and ritual and work matching inmates with people who will write to them, in the hopes of advancing their spiritual development. My work within this program has blossomed in ways that I could not foresee. Those wishing to contact me can do so by e-mail.
Iseum of Imbas Forosnai
Ontario, Canada
66 Meadow Crescent
Whitby, Ontario,
Canada L1N 3J3

Iseum/Lyceum of the Mystic Rose

Ottawa, Ontario
Currently not offering coursework.
Contact: M. Szerve, Prs. H., S.A.
Iseum of the Radiant Flame
Contact: G. Nyoka

Iseum of Sacred Awakenings
7 Admiral Rd
Ajax, Ontario,
Canada L1S 2N8

Iseum of the Sacred Grove of Avalonia
Stratford, Ontario
Contact: Kathleen Roussel
Facebook: Morgans Fancies

Iseum of the Sacred Sycamore

Whitby, Ontario
Dedicated to Hathor and Horus in their many faces. Offers training into the FOI Priest/Priestesshood.
Iseum of the Sacred Wheel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Louis
Iseum of Yogamaya
French-speaking Canada
Our Iseum will offer training and services in both French and English (Traduction à venir sous peu) The Iseum of Yogamaya was founded on Imbolc 2012 by Manohara in French-speaking Canada. He is an brahmin-initiate of an ecstatic & devotional Hindu tradition (Gaudiya Vaisnavism) as well as a 1st degree priest/witch within the Greenwood Tradition. He is studying the Isian tradition with Ysis Nout-Sophia of Montreal and Greencraft. Manohara is an Adept and Priest within the Fellowship of Isis and his ministry is devoted to the Divine Mother as the Goddess Radharani with the guidance & blessings of Durga Devi, Sekhmet & Epona. His mentor was Matthew Bearden of the Lyceum of Hathor of the Ten Houses and is now exploring the Druid Clan of Dana and well as Hierophancy training with Arthur Freeheart (Heart Beats Drum Lyceum). He works as a Special Care Counselor in a preschool and a youth shelter & is currently being trained in animal-assisted therapy. The Iseum of Yogamaya will not be taking students for a minimum of a complete Wheel of the Year (Imbolc 2013) to prepare its curriculum & so that its founder may advance towards Hierophancy. You may still contact the Iseum to be placed on a waiting list & we will get back to you when will be accept students. It is possible to join the Iseum right away though as a member. Membership in the Fellowship of Isis (which is free) is required. All services will either be free or offered in exchange of small donations or trading. Paypal will be used. Nobody will be refused for financial reasons & a portion (10%) of the donations raised will be tithed to a local charity.
- Offers a distance Priest/ess training (the curriculum is currently being prepared)
- Provides distance Reiki/energy healing treatments & attunements
- Teaches mantra meditation & various sadhanas
- Performs Deity worship according to the Hindu bhakti tradition
- Divination services offered
- Provides the opportunity for FOI members to fellowship and grow into their spiritual vocation through this cyber Iseum
- Performing online and astral rituals
Contact: Manohara

Spirit Circle Iseum
Stoney Creek, near Hamilton
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Erin
Iseum de la Déesse du Lotus
Montreal, Quebec
(currently not accepting students)

Iseum de la Sagrada Espiral del Sur
Language: Español / Spanish  
Mainly directed to the South American community, the Iseum, consecrated to the Goddess Isis and the God Osiris, started its activities on April 7, 2009. It was founded by the married couple formed by Maa-kherut Nen and Ka-Nakht Ridi Aut-ib.  We are convinced that working with a balanced energy is fundamental for spiritual growth.  We have mainly devoted to a devotional work, considering it as the basis of the internal development.  Apart from look in depth the mysteries of our protector Gods and the Holy Family Isis-Osiris-Horus, we also work with other deities; around them, exclusive work groups have been formed, as for instance Maa't, Thoth - Seshat, the profound mysteries of Horus, etc.  We put special emphasis in the communion that must exist between the human being and his environment, honouring and respecting Pachamama, and remembering the magical heritage we receive from Our Austral Land Ancestors.  We encourage our members to develop a critical thought.  Our centre maintains a presential Circle of work, and we also bring a lot of online material about the courses we offer, directed to healing, energy balance, development of arts, and study and connection with our spiritual roots.
For more information, do not hesitate in contacting us.
Contact: Maa-kherut Nen (Elena)
Website: (under construction)
Iseum de la Sagrada Espiral del Sur (same listing in Spanish below)
Language: Español / Spanish  
Orientada principalmente a la comunidad Sudamericana, el Iseum, consagrado a la Diosa Isis y al Dios Osiris, inició sus actividades el 07 de Abril del año 2009, fundado por el matrimonio entre Maa-kherut Nen y Ka-Nakht Ridi Aut-ib.  Estamos convencidos de que el equilibrio energético en el trabajo es trascendental para el crecimiento espiritual.  Principalmente nos hemos dedicado a un trabajo devocional, considerándolo como la base del desarrollo interno.  Además de profundizar sobre los misterios de nuestras deidades protectoras y la Sagrada Familia Isis-Osiris-Horus, trabajamos también con otras deidades sobre las que se han formado grupos de trabajo exclusivo, como por ejemplo Maa't, Thoth - Seshat, los profundos misterios de Horus, etc. Ponemos especial énfasis en la comunión que debe existir entre el ser humano y su entorno, honrando y respetando la Pachamama, y recordando la mágica herencia que recibimos de los Ancestros de Nuestra Tierra Austral. Motivamos a nuestros miembros al desarrollo del pensamiento crítico. Nuestro centro mantiene un Círculo de trabajo presencial, y entregamos también mucho material online de los cursos que ofrecemos, orientados a la sanación, al equilibrio energético, al desarrollo de las artes y al estudio y conexión con nuestras raíces espirituales.  Para mayor información, no dudes en contactarnos. 
Contacto: Maa-kherut Nen (Elena)
Website: (en construcción)

Iseum Alas de Isis (Wings of Isis)
Santiago, Chile
Contact: Rev. Ludovico Rojas Diaz

Iseum Dama de la Luna
Iseum located in Santiago, Chile and member of the FOI (Fellowship of Isis or Fellowship of Isis). A Iseum is a home of the Goddess and it is dedicated to the Goddess of a Thousand names through the work of healing, magic, art and wisdom of Egypt and other cultures. 
Celebrate rites, women's circles, dance and healing will be activities, lectures and workshops. Also preparing for the priesthood of Isis.
Contact: Mónica Salas R.
E-mail: (In Spanish)

Iseum Dama de la Luna (In Spanish)
Iseum localizado en Santiago, Chile y afiliado a la FOI (Fellowship of Isis o Hermandad de Isis). Un Iseum es un hogar de la Diosa y éste está dedicado a la Diosa de los Mil nombres a través del trabajo de la sanación, magia, arte y sabiduría de Egipto y de otras culturas.
Celebraremos ritos, círculos de mujeres, danzas y se harán actividades de sanación, charlas y talleres. También prepara para el Sacerdocio de Isis.
Contact: Mónica Salas R.
E-mail: (In Spanish)

Iseum Isis y Dionisio
Villa Alemana
Contact: Rev. Yenni Fabres

Lady of the Sacred Fire Iseum
Curico City
This iseum offers workshops, courses, training and studies. Subjects include oracles, witchcraft, green magic, magic crystals, reiki and magic workings, and ceremonies on the full moon.
Contact: Ali Echeverria B.

Iseum Templo de Isis
Iseum fundado en 2008 con el beneplacito y la bendicion de la dama Olivia Robertson. Sede principal en Algarrobo, V. Region. Un Iseum dedicado a la sanacion, la magia ritual y el entrenamiento de practicantes devotos a los antiquos cultos clasicos. Ceremonias, clases y reuniones en Santiago y Algarrobo. Fundadora: sacerdotisa Wicca, Rev. Andrea Meryem Angelos.

Way of the Stars Iseum (Iseum Camino de las Estrellas)
Santiago, Chile
Contact: Rev. Humberto Nicolás Chávez Araya

Iseum Temple of Alexandria
Vysoke Myto
Contact: Iveta Andromeda
Telephone: 420608232752


L'Iseum des Lumiere d'Aset
(Iseum of Aset's Light)
Contact: Rev. Chandra Aset

L'Iseum (sanctuaire d'Isis) des Sentiers d'Avalon

Southeastern France

Founded by the Rev. Rarius Chandalen.

L'Iseum (sanctuaire d'Isis) des Sentiers d'Avalon, domicilié en Provence dans le Sud-Est de la France, est une iseum de la Fellowship of Isis.

The Iseum (Sanctuary of Isis) Trails Avalon domiciled in Provence in south-eastern France, is an iseum of the Fellowship of Isis.

The Goddess wants to grant us peace in us, so that it can spread between us and around us. May we feel her presence grow in us in order to contact the forgotten wisdoms behind the veil of false evidence of today. I hope we can assemble in the harmony of the mind, the serenity of the body and the reconciliation of our souls in our divine nature


Artemis and Lugh Iseum
Oberott, Germany
Bastet and Tefnut Iseum/Lyceum
This center is jointly headed by Rev. H. Barbara Stiller and Rev. H. Marlene Jurjevic.  Coursework, ritual and workshops are offered.
Goddess of the Sacred Grove Iseum
Contact: Lamia and Yoda
Healing of the Stars Iseum
Karlsruhe, Germany
The founder of this FOI center, Alison Gould, has passed into the 'spirit sphere'. FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson has authorized the inclusion of this center after Alison's passing because of the long standing FOI tradition that all FOI members are active on the inner planes once they cross over, as originally introduced by the three FOI co-founders, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, his wife Pamela and his sister, Olivia.

Iseum der Elen
Witzenhausen, Werra-Meissner-Kreis, Hesse, Germany
Contact: Maria Wueller

Iseum mit dem Zeigenfisch
Berlin, Germany

Isis and Seschat Iseum
Berlin, Germany
Isis Iseum of the Triple Goddess
Heidelberg, Germany
Iseum of the Temple of Isis
Bellheim, Germany
Maat and Shiva Iseum
Gütersloh, Germany
Medusa Iseum
Wuppertal, Germany
This Iseum is dedicated to working on the cosmic karma and education of seekers.
Contact: Rev. Diane Neisius

Padmavarti Iseum
Thringen, Germany
Vesta Iseum of the Inner Temple
Mondvogelhaus, Germany
Isis of the Mysteries Iseum
P.O. Box 8542
Accra North
Iseum of Bast
Viros, Corfu
Iseum of the Sacred Flame
Thessalonika, Greece

Temple of the Goddess, Greece
The languages of this iseum are English and Greek. Our service to Isis and Osiris; and to the international Isian community began with a series of three rituals. These were held in the ancient sanctuary of Isis at Nea Makri and later in Athens in our Temple. The first two Greek members have been admitted via the Flamma Vestae rite. They are Shakila Ioanna Brati and Isidoros Karamouzos. I introduce them to you all and ask that you honour them with your blessings on their service to Isis. May Her light always shine! 
Contact: Andrea Meryem Angelos
Iseum of Durga, the Cosmic Warrior
New Delhi, India
Iseum of the Goddess Pertiwi, Queen of the South Seas
Surabaya, Indonesia
The Iseum of the Goddess Pertiwi, Queen of the South Seas, is an iseum under the Fellowship of Isis. Located in Surabaya, Indonesia, the iseum honours the Indonesian Mother Earth Pertiwi.
Contact: Johannes Nugroho Onggo Sansui
Iseum Flamma Vestae, Temple of Isis
Enniscorthy, Ireland
FOI Founders' Iseum
Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center (Clonegal Castle)

Iseum of the Goddess of the Magi
Doneraile, Co. Cork
En Erebos Phos Iseum (In Darkness Light Iseum)
Rome, Italy
Dedicated to the Goddess Hekate and the God Mithra. As the Iseum name indicates, our purpose is to help others to find spiritual guidance in the darkness in which they may be. Services offered: Adept Degree course, astrology, rituals and talismans for various needs of people and their pets. The founder  of En Erebos Phos Iseum is committed to safeguarding the rights of animals and in helping  abused and abandoned dogs and cats. We  celebrate  rites of the full moon for the protection of these animals. Any money earned from services rendered through the Iseum will be donated to animal welfare organizations and volunteers personally known.
Contact: Aglaia
Online Discussion Group (Italian Language):
Iseum Campense (Rome Central)
The founder of the Iseum Campense was ordered in 2003 by Lady Olivia Robertson for the cult of the Great Goddess Isis to return to Rome. It was the first Iseum created in Italy. The Iseum is housed in an ancient medieval tower in the center of Rome. It has a large lararium (domestic altar) dedicated to the Goddess Isis. This work of art was frescoed by the famous Italian symbolist painter M. Livadiotti with decorations inspired to the ritual cycle of Sophia. The Iseum opens to the public twice a month for celebrations related to lunar and seasonal cycles. The Iseum website hosts the Italian translation of the entire liturgy of the College of Isis as well as translations of many other sections dedicated to understanding and deepening the principles and meaning of the Goddess Priesthood in the FOI.
Iseum Campense (Centro di Roma)
La fondatrice dell'Iseum Campense è stata ordinata nel 2003 da Lady Olivia Robertson affinchè il culto della Grande Dea Iside tornasse a Roma. Esso è stato il primo Iseum creato in Italia. L'Iseum ha sede in un'antica torre medievale al centro di Roma ed ospita un grande larario (altare domestico) dedicato alla Dea Iside. Questa opera d'arte è stata affrescato dal famoso pittore simbolista italiano M. Livadiotti con decorazioni ispirate al ciclo rituale di Sophia. L'Iseum apre al pubblico due volte al mese per celebrazioni legate ai cicli lunari e stagionali. Il sito dell'Iseum ospita la traduzione italiana di tutta la liturgia del Collegio di Iside nonché traduzioni di molte altre sezioni dedicate alla comprensione e all'approfondimento dei principi e del significato del Sacerdozio della Dea nella FOI.

Iseum of Isis and Dionysos
Naples and Turin
Contact: Ida Pasifae

Iseum of Sesheshet - The Sacred Sound
Latina, near Rome
Dedicated to the Goddess Isis, the purpose of this Iseum is to cerate a Sacred Place to honor the Goddess Isis under her 10,000 aspects. A Sacred Place for: deepening the relationship with the Goddesses, making spiritual offerings, performing rituals, studying and teaching cultural heritage of the Goddesses and exploring various spiritual subjects, performing healing work and shamanic work, meditating, playing music. A place of Divine Love, Solace and Magick.
Contact: Gigliola di Libero
Φαρμάκου Πότνια - Pharmakou Potnia Iseum

Palermo, Italy

Questo Iseum per Hekate ed Hermes è fondato con l’intenzione di poter arricchire la conoscenza della comunità e creare un archivio continuamente in evoluzione. In particolar modo onora Hekate nel suo complexio oppositorum ben chiarito dal concetto di Pharmakon che è sia il veleno che l'antidoto. Si occupa di onorare le divinità attraverso la divulgazione informazioni sulla Dea e Hermes, (feste, epiteti, condivisione di gnosi personale, esperienze e molto altro). E' un luogo dove è possibile imparare circa piante, rimedi, creazioni di incensi, pozioni, rituali e astrologia. Offre alla comunità la possibilità di consultare la Sacerdotessa come oracolo (oltre che imparare ad utilizzare i metodi divinatori), di ricevere consiglio e aiuto per incanti (witchcrafts). Crea lavori di manifattura (come bamboline, feticci, gioielli e rosari pagani); Si occupa di servire la Dea Hekate attraverso la raccolta fondi per i cani dei rifugi. 
Contact: Ivana Modesto
Facebook: Φαρμάκου Πότνια - Pharmakou Potnia Iseum

Φαρμάκου Πότνια - Pharmakou Potnia Iseum
Palermo, Italy
This Iseum of Hekate and Hermes is founded with the intention of enriching the knowledge of the community and creating a continuously evolving archive. Especially honors Hekate in Her complexio oppositorum well clarified by the concept of Pharmakon which is both the poison and the antidote. It is responsible for honoring the deities through the divulgation of information about the Goddess and Hermes (festivals, epithets, sharing of personal gnosis, experiences and much more). It is a place where you can learn about plants, remedies, creations of incense, potions, rituals and astrology. It offers the community the opportunity to consult the Priestess as oracle (as well as learn to use divination methods), to receive advice and help for charms (witchcrafts). Manufacturing works are created (such as dolls, fetishes, jewels and pagan rosaries); It takes care of serving Hekate by raising funds for shelter dogs.
Contact: Ivana Modesto
Facebook: Φαρμάκου Πότνια - Pharmakou Potnia Iseum

Respirare Luminis Lyceum Iseum

Lyceum/Iseum dedicato alle divinità: Danu, Kuan Yin, Astarte.
Founded with the intention of spreading the culture of the Blessed Mother in all its aspects, its peculiarities and its history, creating a spiral circle of new synergies and new paths of spiritual and individual growth. The divinities are honored with monthly rituals, daily dedications and in the Temple, physical and also via Streaming, with Ceremonies for initiations, consecrations, rites and blessings. Rites of Passage and Union will also be performed. The school has the intent to form new priests and priestesses with a strong spirit of Justice, Honor, Compassion. The paths will be individual and strictly designed and focused on individual growth, respecting the personal qualities of each one and valuing their importance, rediscovering in each one their own Faith, Dedication, Sacred Voice. The Breath of Life and Truth will be the cornerstones on which new healers, priests and initiates to the Arts can cement themselves. Among the subjects and courses of study there are: magic herbalism, use of herbs, crystals, energy techniques of distance healing, divinatory arts. There will be special care organized Monthly or Seasonal Collective Meditations and various spiritual or evolutionary initiatives of the person.



Goddess Temple - Templo de la Diosa / Iseum
Chihuahua, Mexico
We find the Goddess of ten thousand names in different spiritual traditions, paths, religions and philosophies. (Cross-cultural vision / Interfaith) We reclaim the Goddess to build a society based on peace, equity and ecological sustainability.
Encontramos a la Diosa de los mil nombres en diferentes tradiciones espirituales, sendas, religiones y filosofias. (Vision transcultural - inter-religiosa)

Reclamamos a la Diosa para construir una sociedad basada en la paz, la equidad y la sustentabilidad social y ecologica. El conocimiento de la Diosa nos permite vivir en un mundo mas integrado y armonico. Templo de la Diosa / Fraternidad de la Diosa.
Christian Ortiz

Iseum of Sekhmet
Deventer, Overijssel
Nederlands (Netherlands)
The website and work of the Iseum of Sekhmet is dedicated to the Goddess and her workings, in memory of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, who guided so many in their lives, and still guides those seeking, through his writings and in spirit.
Well of Wisdom Iseum
Voorschoten, Netherlands

Iseum of Hela
Tawa, New Zealand
Iseum/Temple of Isis and Anubis
The Temple is a healing centre, providing workshops, counseling and accomodation for members needing healing and spiritual care. The Temple is purely Egyptian. It is an Iseum of the Fellowship of Isis, certified by Lady Olivia Robertson on May 13th, 1999.
Contact: Yishma
E-mail: or
3 Harris Street, Waimate

Iseum of Nephthys
Hawkes Bay

Iseum of Sekhmet
Hawkes Bay

Iseum of Eye-Eyen, the Great Mother
Kano State
Contact: Michael Ekwere
P.O. Box 14949
Kavo, NG 7700203
Kano State, Nigeria
Iseum of Isis, Our Heavenly Mother
Arhavwaarien, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Contact: Solomon Akporhiere Okukeren
Isis and Ngame Paradise
Khalga, Nigeria
Isis of Happiness Iseum
Imo State, Nigeria
Isis of Wealth and Progress
Calabar, Nigeria


Iseum do Caminho da Terra
Braga, Portugal
Contact: Alexia


Iseum of the Lady of the Moon
Belgrade, Serbia
Contact: Rev. Koi

Inner Fires Iseum, Temple of Isis South Africa (TOISA)
South Africa
The Iseum of Inner Fires is part of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis and covers Ancient Egyptian subjects including dance and spirituality.


Isadora Iseum
"The Iseum is located in Spain, in Lugo (North West of Spain, Galicia), a very magical and powerful place. This city was in the old times a huge temple, a sacred place where different temples were within, and an old Temple of Isis was the heart of this powerful place. The Iseum is called Isadora. It is a gift of Isis and it will be devoted to Isis and Hekate. Isadora is the key to spread the spiritual light, magic and wisdom from the Goddess, for the Higher Good of everyone involved. The key of Life is the key of our hearts and the key that open every door in our spiritual path. Isadora is also both a bridge and a river, and holds a wide range of areas.
Contact: Hester Aira

Iseum del Cuenco de Zafiro
Madrid, Spain
Contact: Hecatere

Iseum del Cuervo Brillante del Cielo
Moana-Pontevedra, Spain
Contact: Arkanis

Iseum of the Inner Fire

Seville and Granada
Contact: Rev. Harwe Tuileva Primavera

Iseum / Lyceum / Solar Iseum of Alchemy Isis Mirionymos
The Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess of the ten thousand names, and we provide services to the pagan community and members of The Fellowship of Isis for free, we are at the service of our brothers and sisters. We teach the Adept's Spiral. The Art of Healing and Oracular Art are part of our Work In the Lyceum we teach the liturgy to train priests and priestesses, seeking to know our inner divinity through devotion, art and ritual. In the Solar Iseum we teach the Spiral of Alchemy, through confrontation and union with our shadow, we seek to unite ourselves to our divinity.
Contact: (Zoe Moro)

en Español:

Iseum/Lyceum/Iseum Solar de Alquimia Isis Mirionymos
El Iseum esta dedicado a la Diosa de los diez mil nombres, y brindamos servicios a la comunidad pagana y miembros de La Hermandad de Isis de manera gratuita, estamos al servicio de nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Nosotros enseñamos la Espiral del Adepto. El Arte de Sanacion y el Arte Oracular son parte de nuestro Trabajo En el Lyceum enseñamos la liturgia para formar sacerdotes y sacerdotisas, buscando conocer nuestra divinidad interior mediante la devocion, el arte y el ritual. En el Iseum Solar enseñamos la Espiral de la Alquimia, mediante en enfrentamiento y union con nuestra sombra ,buscamos unirnos a nuestra divinidad.
Contacto: (Zoe Moro)

Iseum Sagrado Loto Azul
“This Iseum is dedicated to the cult of Isis in her thousand names. This Iseum is located in the Goddess Temple of Isis in Granada (Spain), this is a personal temple and not open to the public unless permission is asked to the founder before visiting. This Iseum will offer Priestess training as well as teaching on herbs and medicinal plants.

Contact:  Raven Danu

en Español:

Iseum Sagrado Loto Azul
"Este Isum esta dedicado al culto de Isis en sus mil nombres.Este Iseum esta ubicado en el templo a la Diosa Isis en Granada(España), este templo es de uso personal y no publico, pudiendo ser visitado para venerar y ofrecer ofrendas a la Diosa , bajo solicitud previa y con el debido permiso por parte de su propietaria.
En este Iseun se ofrecerá entrenamiento a sacerdotisas , ademas de enseñanzas sobre plantas medicinales y herboristeria.
Contact:  Raven Danu

Bifrost, Nerthus and Njord Iseum
Stockholm, Sweden
Temple of Sophia Iseum
Northeastern Switzerland


Iseum of Isis Pansoteira
Bangkok, Thailand
Rev. Endymion MoonChilde

Iseum of Bast, Isis and Dana
Kingsthorpe, Northhampton
Rev. Elizabeth Ambler

Iseum of Branwen and Bran
Pembrokshire, Wales, UK
Contact: Ann Eynon

Iseum of Brighedala
Contact: Gretchen Leslie Cornwall

Iseum of Brighid
Rev. Heidi Llanaway

Iseum of Caer Eidyn
Edinburgh, Scotland
Iseum of Cerridwen
Contact: Rev. Steve Jeal (Stormwatch)

Iseum of the Chapel in the Green

Hierophant David Cypher. This Iseum is a space for discussions, contacts, experimental practice and shared services. David has graduate qualifications in nutrition and post-grad qualifications in psychotherapy and can offer mentorship, healing, geomancy readings and spell weaving. Other interests in the Iseum include alchemy, spagyrics and Renaissance/Angelic magic.
Contact: David Cypher

Iseum of the Clan of the Blue Hawk
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Heather Elston

Iseum of the Clan of the Wolf Moon
Waterlooville, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Tarnia Spaven

Iseum of the Daughters of Qetesh/Iseum d'Orisha
Scotland, West Coast

Iseum of Demeter
Chichester, West Sussex
Contact: Rev. Angie Hardy

Iseum of Hearth of the Falling Stars, Morrigan and Dagda
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Contact: Rev. Willow Jacky

Iseum of the Holy Couple, Isis and Osiris
East Sussex

Iseum of Isis and Bast
Preston, Lancashire
Contact: Rev. Karen Atherton  E-mail:

Iseum of Isis and Thoth of the Moon
34, Heoll Bryn Padell
Gellidig Estate
Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan
CF48, 1NG

Iseum of Isis Invicta
1 Bennett Street, Ryde
PO33 2BJ
Isle of Wight, UK
Iseum of Isis and the Indigo Night
South Wales
Contact: Rev. Kim Davies

Iseum of Isis Noreia
Warwickshire, UK
Iseum of Lunate Cross
Rev. Debbie Phoenix

Iseum of Pandora
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales
The Iseum of Pandora encompasses woodland and a Bronze Age burial mound The prizewinning garden includes a maze and a ceremonial / dance circle. Rufus' personal dedication, one of those made at ordination, is to Terpsichore, Dancer and Muse. He teaches European Folk Dance and Circle Dance.  As Priest of Isis, Rev. Maychild's interest lies in the development of public Goddess / Pagan Ministry in all its forms.
Contact: Rufus Brock Maychild
Postal Address: Blaenberem, Mynyddcerrig, Llanelli, Sir Gaerfyrddin,  Cymru SA15 5BL

Iseum of the Rainbow Lotus
22 Joiners Way, Lavendon
Olney, MK46 4JF, Buckinghamshire, UK

Iseum of the Sacred Mother Isis
Hastings, East Sussex

Chartered by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson in 1993.
Contact: Rev Rosie Weaver Prs. H., Adept

Iseum of Silver Birch SW
Plymouth, Devon
Contact: Andraste

Iseum of the Snow Queen
London, UK

Iseum of Sophia, Rose of the Trembling Heart
Contact: Rev. Claire Stewart

Iseum of Ten Thousand Names
London, U.K.
Dedicated to Isis of Ten Thousand Names and to the Goddess in all her forms and names, this Iseum supports the process of spiritual awakening, earthly celebration and divine imagination so that we may take part more consciously and joyfully in the manifestation of her creative patterns and the infinite unfolding of her love, will and beauty. We meet six times a year in London either for rituals taken from Olivia Robertson’s official Fellowship of Isis liturgy or for rituals written or improvised from our own experience, with each meeting led by a different member. We continue one of the longest-running FOI groups in England. Informal discussions; no courses.
Contact: Christine Rhone

Iseum of the Throne of Isis
Poole, Dorset
Contact: Rev. Tracey Hansen

Iseum of the Veil
York, UK

Iseum of the White Goddess
Berkshire, UK

Iseum of the White Rose

Iseum of WomanSpirit
Tennyson Avenue, Canterbury, Kent, UK
Rev. Rachel Mayatt writes: "We hold open ritual and discussion groups for the Canterbury Goddess Women's Circle and the Silver Hearth Circle.
Contact: Rev. Rachel Mayatt, Priestess
Isis of Atalanta Iseum
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX
Isis of Avalon Iseum
Lady of the Flame Iseum
6 St. Leonards Avenue
Stafford, ST 17 4 LT, UK
The Iseum of Storm Constantine, one of the authors of "Bast and Sekhmet, Eye of Ra." This Iseum was sponsored by FOI ArchPriestess Caroline Wise of London.
Isis of Stones, Trees and Springs Iseum
Derby, UK
Norwich Chant Collective Iseum
The Founder of this Iseum writes: "I am committed to encouraging others, particularly those within the pagan community, to lift up their voice in song. Singing is an expression of our humanity and part of our birthright.  It connects us to each other and the natural world we are part of. I have seen the power of the chant soothe emotional and physical pain, aid friendship, build confidence and create moments of true beauty." The NCC meets every Wednesday evening in the Alec Bussey Scout Centre (off Rowington Road near Southwell Road) from 7:45pm to 9:45pm, although participants often linger to socialize. A suggested donation of £2 to cover the cost of room hire is asked at the end of the evening.
Contact: Gee Dunn
Temple of the Throne of Aset Iseum
Wareham, Dorset
The Iseum of Bega of the Gifts
Penzance, Cornwall
This iseum hosts a new interactive site for all those interested in folklore, earth mysteries, psychic questing created by long time FOI member and author, Alex Langstone, who wrote "St. Bega and the Sacred Ring." 'Lucifer Bridge', Alex's online poetry project; 'Spirit Chaser', the psychic questing blog; and the ASH Magazine archive can all be accessed from the Spirit of Albion website.
The Iseum of the Great Sekhmet
Fulking, West Sussex
Founder: Hazel Silver

The Iseum of the Hellenic Isis
Pontypridd, South Wales
Brighid's Rainbow Flame Iseum
Flagstaff, AZ
Inner Wisdom Iseum
Tucson, AZ 

Iseum of Inner Truth
Valley Verde, AZ
Located in the foothills of Mingus Mountain, the iseum works through their retreat center, North Ridge Retreat House. In 1998 the retreat center was personally blessed by Lady Olivia Robertson during her annual fall visit to the USA.  Jennifer is founder and priestess of the iseum which is dedicated to the Goddess Gaia and to sacred wells.
Contact: Jennifer Schauffler-Vircsik, Prs.
Iseum of Isis of Sedona
Sedona, AZ
Iseum of Isis of the Arts
Phoenix, AZ

Iseum of Diana the Huntress
Tucson, AZ

Iseum of the Celtic Phoenix
The founder is certified as a priestess of Brighid, Venus and Kwan Yin. 
Contact: Amy Voza Quist

Iseum of The Inner Truth
Clarkdale, AZ

Iseum of Melusina
Phoenix, AZ
Iseum of Mysteries of the Magdalene
Tucson, AZ
Iseum of the Sacred Hearth of Selene
Cave Creek, Arizona
Dedicated to the Goddesses Selene, Brigid, Bastet and Freya. This iseum is dedicated to honoring the transforming touch of the Goddess through the visual arts, to the protection of animals both wild and domestic, and to living in harmony with the great beauty and power of our beloved planet Earth.
Contact: Susan Falcon-Hargraves
The Iseum of the Sisters of Isis
Phoenix, Arizona
Founded by Rev. Stephanie Campbell. Sisters of Isis aim to create happiness, friendship, and understanding for all whose lives touch theirs.  The Iseum is inclusive, not exclusive.  Members rescue victims: men, women, children and animals who are used as scapegoats.  Many vulnerable people are despised and belittled because of personal, racial, social, or religious differences. Telepathy, empathy, and spiritual insight are used by members to promote self-confidence, open-mindedness, and originality.  This rainbow network unites beings of all worlds through love and wisdom.
Contact: Stephanie Campbell

Our Lady of Guadalupe Iseum
Tucson, AZ
Sky Dancer Iseum
Tucson, AZ

Temple of the Awakening Iseum
Sedona, AZ

Temple of the Divine Song of the Great Goddess Iseum
Phoenix, AZ

Círculo de Isis Iseum
East Bay Area, San Franciso, California
Language: Spanish/Español
This is a Spanish online community dedicated to deepen the relationship with the Goddess Isis in her ten thousand names. This community celebrates the New and Full Moons as well as the major holidays. Together, we learn about the Goddess, Her rites, astrology, tarot, runes, herbs, crystals, among many other things. If you speak Spanish and would like to participate, please find us in Facebook under Circulo de Isis or join our yahoo group at We look forward to sharing the circle with you!
Círculo de Isis (same listing in Spanish below)
Esta es una comunidad virtual dedicada a fortalecer nuestras relaciones con la Diosa Isis en sus diez mil nombres. Esta comunidad celebra las Lunas Nuevas y Llenas y las gran celebraciones. Juntos aprenderemos sobre la Diosa, sus ritos, astrología, tarot, runas, hierbas y cristales además de muchas cosas mas. Si hablas español y quieres participar, nos encontraras en Facebook bajo el nombre Circulo de Isis o puedes unirte a nuestro grupo en yahoo en la dirección Te esperamos!

Cliffs of Moher Iseum
San Diego, CA
Great Goddess Circle
Pasadena, CA
The founder of this iseum was ordained by Olivia Robertson during the FOI Convocation, Temple of Isis, Geyserville, 2008. She writes of her center: "Dedicated to Isis, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Tara, Kali, or Brigit, She has 10,000 names, we all know that She is All and One, the Creatrix - Mother-of-All. We gather in safe circle to share our personal experiences, knowledge and to heal each other. We are building an uninterrupted connection with the Mother-of-All. Some are are mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, and healers, while others are brand new on their path. But ultimately we are all spiritual seekers. We hold special celebration and classes/workshops in various occult and metaphysical studies to better ourselves. We honor the Moon!"
Contact: Milena
Handmaiden of Mary Iseum
Los Angeles, CA
Iseum of Aeolus
Los Angeles, CA
Iseum of Ancient Circles
Willets, California

Iseum of Artemis and Apollo
A virtual FOI Iseum for spiritual seekers of alternative gender (GLBT), their families and friends and anyone else who might wish to offer support. The Iseum offers membership to neophytes who wish to study the mysteries with people of similar background, offering ritual mystery dramas to be performed by attunement.  It is an adult group limited to 18 years of age and over. Consideration, care and respect of others is the prime focus, privacy and confidentiality is extended to all members.
Contact: Rt. Rev. Michael A. Starsteen, AU
Iseum of Ba Ast
Los Angeles, California
Iseum of Bastet, Daughter of Ra
Bonita, CA
Iseum of Brighid, Athena and Isis
Los Angeles, CA
Iseum of Brighid's Flame
Los Angeles, CA
Iseum of Brighid, Kwan Yin and Hecate
Long Beach, CA
Iseum of Bunni Hotep
Los Angeles, CA
This iseum is dedicated to Bunni Hotep, who has brought the importance of the rabbit and the hare in world pantheons and mythology into a whole new light.  The healing power of laughter and beautifully stated inner truths are hallmarks of the unique and loving work of this iseum.  Bunni Hotep was featured as the main topic in an issue of the Isis Papers.

Iseum of the Hearth of Brighid, Star of the Sea
Santa Cruz, CA
Iseum of the Inner Serpent
San Rafael, CA
Le'ema is an accomplished dancer.  The beautiful choreography of her performances is augmented by her spiritual awareness, so that her dance becomes a channel for sacred energies.  She is a regular presenter at Goddess oriented events, including the annual Convocation at Isis Oasis every October. She offers workshops, priestess parties and retreats.
Contact: Le'ema Kathleen Graham
Iseum of Isidis Navigatum
2554 Lincoln Blvd. #678
Venice, CA  90291
The Iseum of Isis Navigatum advances knowledge and awareness of the Sacred Feminine through the study of mythology, archaeology, anthropology and comparative religions. Events, sacred pilgrimage, rituals and workshops reflect spirituality associated with earth-based religion, metaphysics and ancient cultures and religions in a modern or reconstructed context. For information about sacred pilgrimages, lectures, rituals or the new book by the organization founder, Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations (by Karen Tate).
Contact: Karen Tate, Prs, Adept
Iseum of Isis Ambrosia Green Bee Hive
Sacramento, CA
Dedicated to Isis of 10,000 Names and Faces. “I love, honour and work with several Goddesses both Egyptian and Celtic.”
Contact: Magickal Hummingbyrd

Iseum of Isis Aurea
Grass Valley/Nevada City CA
Iseum of Isis Paeduesis
Redondo Beach (Los Angeles area), CA
The Iseum of Isis Paedusis was founded by Denise Dumars, Lori Nyx and Stephania Ebonia. Our name means Isis the Lady Professor and our focus is on education. We also offer seasonal rites and life-cycle celebrancy such as weddings, baby blessings and funerals.
Iseum of the Living Muse
Long Beach, CA
Contact: Glory Vernon
Iseum of the Living Waters
San Francisco, CA
Iseum of Ma'at hay Djehuti sesh na hehe
Dunsmuir, CA
This shrine is dedicated to writing true, accurate and robust essays, books and pamphlets as an offering to the patron iseum deities, Ma'at and Thoth.  It is dedicated to the work of Michael A. Starsheen on the internet and in print and in live presentations within the FOI community and elsewhere. 
Contact: Michael A. Starsheen, AU

Iseum of Mary/Isis
(Journeys of the Goddess of Transformation)
Anapolis, CA
This Iseum runs a very popular program run by Prs. Nancy Dew, a talented, dynamic mentor for priestess training.  The presentations provided every year by her new priestesses at the annual FOI Convocation in Geyserville are a testament to the hard work and detailed preparation fostered by her training.
Contact: Nancy Dew, Prs.
Telephone: 707-886-1810
Iseum of Mary Magdalene
Nevada City, CA
Contact: Prs. Christine Irving
Iseum of Nephthys
San Jose, CA
Iseum of the Nubian Moon
“Speak their names, for they still live!”
This Iseum is dedicated to Isis/Auset, our “Ancient  Mother” of the Dark Moon, and her other aspects. The Iseum of  the Nubian Moon hosts Goddess Presentations, Book Salons, and Recitals, Rituals, Sabbat Celebrations, Sacred Dancing, and Goddess Studies, Goddess Teas and Inspirations, and coming soon, Tarot, Cowrie, Rune, and other Divinations, in a quiet, peaceful and Goddess loving atmosphere. The Iseum of the Nubian Moon is a house of the Goddesses.
Founder: Rev. Anniitra MaKafia UtchatiNu Ravenmoon, Priestess Hierophant
E-mail: sacred
Iseum: www.iseumofthenubianmoon  (a work in progress)
Night Wings:
Creatrix Media Live!: Iseum of the Nubian Moon
Iseum of the Queen of Heaven
Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Letecia Layson, Priestess of Isis

Iseum of the Sacred Flame
Los Angeles, CA
The focus is community involvement and pagan activism, a virtual space for all who wish to participate in bringing change and equality for all. Mischa writes: “We have formed an informal network that will be working towards the recognition of our community as a voting bloc by forming the Pagan Caucus. It may take us ten years, but slowly and surely, we will prove to the party elders that we are active in saving the environment, fighting for health care, caring for those who are struggling, and that our charitable works and community involvement are a force for change.”

Iseum of Sacred Sound
Los Angeles, CA
Opening to the Divine and sharing the gifts of song, chant, and sound. Sacred Sound connects us to each o ther by celebrating our joy, aiding our healing, and following the turning Wheel. Members: Denise Allen; Kat Robb; Letecia Layson and Linda Iles. Honored Ancestors: Laura Janesdaughter; Mary DeWitt.
Iseum Founder: Diana Rocha Parks

Iseum Sanctuary
San Rafael, California and Orange, Massachusetts
We are a legal 501(c)3 non profit religious organization. The Iseum Sanctuary is a religious organization that provides sanctuary, spirituality, safety and harmony. We shelter and care for animals, flora, fauna and people. The Iseum has Sanctuaries and Shrines on both the East and West Coast where we care for many animals both wild and domestic (and especially cats). We are also working diligently to create very low cost housing and non-traditional / alternatively created homes for seniors, veterans, and those in need. Everyone deserves a peaceful and safe home.
Contact: San-Aset

Iseum of Seshat
San Francisco, CA
Iseum of Shanti Bhavan
San Gabriel/Pasadena, CA
Shanti Bhavan is Sanskrit for Peace House.  Our iseum is dedicated to Isis and the God and Goddess in all their forms.  We celebrate the eight sabbats of the Year.  We enjoy spiritual discovery and come together for healing, meditation, deepening self-understanding, and connection with the Divine.   We do not have a central venue at this time.  Wherever we gather is our peace house.  Newcomers by invitation only.  We are generally in the San Gabriel/Pasadena Area, though our membership extends from the San Fernando Valley to Riverside.  The founders are Rev. InannaMoon Standfield and Stephen Saracco II.
InannaMoon teaches meditation, Reiki, magickal and Goddess studies, and performs weddings.  She is honored to have been ordained in 2002 by Lady Olivia Robertson on her first visit to the Temple of Isis Los Angeles.
Contact: InannaMoon Standfield
Iseum of the Snowy Crest
Mount Shasta, CA
Contact: Natosa
Iseum of Starwolf
Marysville, CA

Iseum of Vox Aletheia and Vox Myriam
Long Beach, CA
Catherine is certified to offer public celebrations of the Gnostic Mass of the Magdalene.  She is a Priestess of Mary Magdalene, the Red Rose of Provence.
Contact: Catherine Wright, Prs.
Iseum of the Winged Isis
San Bruno, CA
Isis Circle of Harmony and Light -Northern California
Northern California
Dedicated to the Goddess Isis in her thousand names, this circle is dedicated to celebrate the New and Full Moons as well as the 8 Major holidays. The founder also offers teaches divination, healing, and witchcraft online and in person. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Carolina Boggs at or join our online community at  Many blessings!
Contact: Carolina Boggs
Isis, Hathor and Maat Temple
San Francisco, CA
Isis of the Rainbow Wings Iseum
Berkeley, CA 
Our Lady of the Yuba Iseum
P.O. Box 636
North San Juan, CA  95960
Spirit of Isis Iseum
Marin/Sonoma County, CA
Temple of Infinite Light Iseum
Hemet, CA
The Adyton of the Goddess
Lake Balboa
Contact: Wendilyn Emrys

The Holy Thorn Iseum
San Diego, CA
Contact: Willow Thorn, Pr.
Wings of Isis Iseum
Nevada City, CA


Iseum of the Silver Wand
Contact: Esther Ellen Harrington
Facebook page:
Iseum of the Silver Wand 


Iseum of Hidden Mysteries
Woodstock, CT
233 Route 197
Woodstock, CT
CircleSnCircleS Iseum
Youngstown, Florida
We offer classes online and offline.
Contact: Rev. Brenda R. Johnson
Phone: 850-615 -4046 (voice mail)
Gaia Awakening Iseum and Temple
Mary Esther, Florida
We offer environmental awareness in all forms.
Contact: Shelly Langshaw


Hearth of Morgan Iseum
Jacksonville, FL

Iseum of the Birch Grove
Panama City, FL
Contact: Lady Cheryl


Iseum of Freya and Frey
Milton, FL


Iseum of the Green Fire
Mary Esther, FL
Iseum of Isis Atlantis
Ocala, Florida
The Iseum of Isis Atlantis, Temple of the Goddess, is dedicated to bringing awareness and profound experience of the Goddess through meditation, ritual and divination to our surrounding area. The iseum was founded in Melrose, Florida in 2001 by Priestess Aurora Cheryl Collins, who was ordained by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson during the FOI Convocation at Isis Oasis in October, 1998, as priestess of the Temple of Isis and in the FOI. The Iseum relocated in 2014 to Ocala, Florida and meets at Crow's Crossroads Metaphysical Center monthly. Classes are provided, Full Moon Meditation on various aspects of the Goddess, divination offered, as well as Shamanic teachings and Wiccan mentoring are offered at the temple at various times. For more information please go to Welcome to My Homepage or
Contact: Aurora Collins

Iseum of Isis, Heart of the Stars
Brevard County, FL

Iseum of Isis of the Rainbow
Jacksonville, Florida
Honoring the Goddess and Her Mysteries through the legacy and original vision of Blv. Olivia Robertson. The Iseum founder, Rev. Don Lewis, writes: "Blv. is a Correllianism - it is a style 'Beloved' used for an ancestor." The term "Correllian" refers to a tradition founded by Don's great-grandmother, Orpheis Caroline High Correll, of which Don is the Chancellor and First Priest. Don moderates the FOI e-mail list on Yahoo:
Contact: Rev. Don Lewis

Iseum Natura Grace
Shalimar, FL

Iseum of the Goddess Sekhem
Orlando, FL

Isis of Philae Iseum

Navarre, FL
Contact: Deborah Merwin, Prs.Adept


Isis Iseum of Liberation
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Isis Temple of the Sun and Moon Iseum

Milton, FL
Iseum/Lyceum of Antinopolis
Solar Iseum of the Dance of Fire
Milton, FL
P.O. Box 404
Milton, FL 32572

Iseum of the Sacred Children of the Night

Orlando, FL 
Contact: Veinjhada Anruth, Prs.
Iseum of the Sacred Esoteric Mysteries
Gainesville, FL
Iseum of the Sacred Trees
Panama City Beach, Florida
We offer teaching, spiritual counseling, energy healing.
Contact: Serena Dee Latiolais
6110 Latiolais Dr. 32413
Panama City Beach, FL
Phone: 850 235-0697
Iseum-Temple of Tor Kailash
Panama City, FL
We offer classes, workshops, rituals and public events.
Contact: Colleen Ruckman
Iseum of the Triple Goddess
Milton, FL

Iseum of Understanding
Lynn Haven, FL
Activities offered: Study and Discussions on the topics of relativity, belief, and truth
Contact: Canova Henderson


Iseum of The Wylde Wyndes
Pensacola, Florida
Classes and activities offered: Mystery Dramas for Healing, Learning about the Goddess classes, The Goddess in everyday Life, Super Brain Yoga, Meditation, healing Sessions, with Pranic Healing
Contact: Magi
Phone: 850-281-5480 

Sacred Willow Iseum
Orlando, FL
Contact: Elina, Prs.

Seekers of Sacred Wisdoms Iseum
Winter Park, FL
Contact: Aauriane Veleda, Prs.
The Eternal Spiral Iseum
Milton, Florida
Founded by Rev. Benita Taylor.
Iseum of the Crystal Moon
Crestview, Florida
We are a healing ministry, healing each other and those in our communities, serving animal shelters, and serving wherever we may be needed.
Contact: Caroline A. Cook
5280 Stallion Drive
Crestview, FL 32578
850 830-8255 (cell) 
Wytchyn Wulf Iseum
Shalimar, Florida
We offer Full Moon gatherings, workshops /study groups as requested.
Contact: Dorothy Kudla
Iseum of the Rainbow's End
PO Box 81436
Conyers, Georgia 30013
Temple of Nuit - Nuit and Bast Iseum
Hathor of Dendera Lyceum
Atlanta, Georgia
We are currently not accepting new students, as Rev. Dianna is involved in introspection and private work. We are considering opening a physical center, but at present are only online. Typically, we offer energy healing and shamanic journeying, tarot reading, and the Invisible Structures of Light Magi Degree and Priesthood training course.
Contact: Rev. Dianna Georgina

Website: or
Garden of the Islands Iseum
Maui, Hawaii
Contact: Lauren
Goddess of the Islands Iseum
Oahu, Hawaii
Iseum of the Crowned Horus
Volcanoe, Hawaii
Contact: Prs. Diveena Shapouri
Fax: (808) 985-7304
Toll Free: (866) 339-1769
Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow Iseum
Kauai, Hawaii
Their work is dedicated to the returning ancestors, who answer the call home to Kauai. They are called the Children of the Rainbow because they come in all colors of the rainbow. Restoration of the garden, to create heaven on earth has been a part of the spiritual awakening of many of the members of this center. In 2007 they hosted FOI Co-Founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, who traveled to the Hawaiian Islands with Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne and Rt. Rev. deTraci Regula.
Contact: Rev. Catherine Stovall
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 280, Kapa'a, Hawaii 96746
Sun Eagle Iseum
Maui, Hawaii
Contact: Maicha


Iseum of Black Isis
Chicago, Illinois
Contact: Szmeralda Shanel
Iseum of Isis, Lady of Lake Michigan
Chicago, Illinois
Iseum/Lyceum of Eleusis
Students of this center may contact Michael Artonn Starsheen for training. Michael was a long time associate of the late Deena Butta and has frequently attended events in Chicago during the past several years. He is currently working with several members of the FOI Chicago community.

Iseum of Neith, Hathor, and Maha Lakshmi
Chicago IL
Contact: Rev. Demetria Nanos
This Iseum is dedicated to Neith for Sovereignty, Justice, and Independence; Hathor for Love, Beauty, Truth, Music, Healing, and Family; and Maha Lakshmi for Everything. Our focus is on connection with the Divine Feminine and consciousness of the connectivity of All.  Rites and services are Goddess oriented. Esoteric training is available. Courses of study include divination, astrology, astronomy, comparative myths & religions, archaeology, anthropology, the life sciences, health & medicine, gardening & herbalism, philosophy, magic & magick, ecology, art workshops, drumming, music, toning, chant, etc. This Iseum is a daughter iseum of the Iseum of Eleusis and the Lyceum of Alexandria Mishigami in Chicago. The Lyceum offers Manifesto Lessons and training for the FOI priesthood. The founder is a Priestess Hierophant in the FOI ordained by Olivia Robertson in 2009. She has decades of experience as a priestess and teacher in Pagan, Hellenic-Egyptian, Taoist, Inter-denominational and Non-denominational ministries. 

Iseum of the Divine Isis Within
Thorntown, Indiana
Dedicated to Auset, Asar, Heqet, Knumn, Ptah, and the Seven Hathors. The Iseum of the Divine Isis Within seeks to awaken the Divine spark of Isis in those who are called by this Great and Powerful Goddess. The Iseum offers a course of study for those who feel in their hearts a deep desire to cultivate a personal relationship with Isis and to be ordained as Her beloved Priest or Priestess.  Study with the Iseum of the Divine Isis Within is designed as a 9 - 12 month Isis Intensive Course which can be done in person with weekly or monthly meetings by arrangement, or easily by correspondance. It is designed to be worked through on your own timing with no set schedule or time constraints. There will be periodic events for Initiates to participate in at varying locations to celebrate changing of the seasons, ordinations, or other significant events.
The Isis Intensive Course includes ritual works, divination, healing energy, crystal energy, vibration, use of Heka, becoming an Oracle of Isis, and Sound Healing. There is plenty of room to learn and grow and explore the areas that interest you most about Isis and the pantheon of neters from Ancient Egypt. The teachings of the Iseum will also include attunements to Usui Reiki, Dolphin Trilogy Reiki, Seichim Reiki, and/or Isis Seichim Reiki if you feel led, and pre-arranged times to practice.
Contact: amy Auset rohn
Iseum of the Mystic Isis
P.O. Box 122
Georgetown, Indiana  47122


Iseum of the Heartland
P.O. Box 1063
Lawrence, Kansas  66044
Aset of the Nile Iseum

Dreams of Isis Iseum
Frankfort, Kentucky
Mail: P.O. Box 51
Frankfort, KY 40602
Iseum of the Mystic Isis
Louisville, Kentucky
We offer online and in-person events.
Contact: Nehmet (Lynn Blackthorn)
Message board:

Aset Iseum
South Portland, Maine

Iseum Musicum/Temple of the Feminine Divine
Bangor, Maine
The Iseum and Temple of the late musician/composer Kay Gardner.  Her work is being carried on by members of her priestesshood. Kay's musical composition "Moon Circles" was recommended by Lady Olivia Robertson and used during FOI Liturgy rituals at the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle.
Mail: 31 Central Street, Suite 203-205
Bangor, Maine 04401
The Iseum of the Graceful Goddess 
Lebanon, Maine

Iseum of Isis, Lady of the Heavens
Baltimore, Maryland

Iseum Sanctuary
San Rafael, California and Orange, Massachusetts
We are a legal 501(c)3 non profit religious organization. The Iseum Sanctuary is a religious organization that provides sanctuary, spirituality, safety and harmony. We shelter and care for animals, flora, fauna and people. The Iseum has Sanctuaries and Shrines on both the East and West Coast where we care for many animals both wild and domestic (and especially cats). We are also working diligently to create very low cost housing and non-traditional / alternatively created homes for seniors, veterans, and those in need. Everyone deserves a peaceful and safe home.
Contact: San-Aset

Star of the Wayshower Iseum
Chicopee, MA
Three Ravens Iseum
Millbury, MA
Iseum of Isis and Nephthys
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Temple of Divine Love Iseum
Hazel Park, MI
Iseum Ast Ab
Kansas City, Missouri
The Iseum Ast Ab celebrates and honors Isis and Osiris, Hathor and Horus, Nepthys and Set, Ma'at and Djehuti - as well as many other gods and goddesses, mostly ancient Egyptian. The Iseum Founder writes: "We respect Truth. We honor Good. We nurture Love. We do Ma'at." The Founder of this Iseum has years of experience as an electronic publisher and social network facilitator.
Contact: Rev. Rhondda Francis
PO Box 10481
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Iseum of the Crafted Cup
Cooksville, Missouri
Iseum of the Winged Aset and Horus
Magna Mater Iseum
Dedicated to the celebration and honoring of the Goddess in her many forms and names, with special emphasis placed on the Magna Mater, Kybele. The Iseum is a safe place for all who seek to grow in knowledge, love, and connection with the Divine. We intend to meet for study, practice, ritual work, sabbat/esbat celebration, and social events. We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals that honor “The Great Mother” by living in as eco-friendly, earth healing a way as possible and who do works to promote the healing & sustainability of the earth, love of all its creatures, and compassionate connection with the people who call it home. We believe in truth, beauty, healing, kindness, and love to all beings. And that by our works these things should be evident in our lives. This iseum is now twinned with a lyceum and offers magi degree training.
Contact: Angela M. Chamberlain

Sacred Charter Iseum
St. Louis, Missouri
Contact: Nancy
Iseum of the L.O.T.U.S. (Lady of Transcendent Universal Spirit)
Fallon, Nevada
Contact: Ashena, Prs.
New Jersey
Temple of Infinite Light Iseum
Edison, NJ
New Mexico
Iseum of Epona
Tijeras, New Mexico
Contact: Ruth
New Jersey 
Iseum of the Sacred Lotus
North New Jersey/NYC/Eastern PA
The Iseum Of The Sacred Lotus is a modern living temple dedicated to the spiritual path of the Goddess Isis . In association with The Temple Of Isis- Geyserville California & the Fellowship Of Isis (F.O.I) and in so upholding the manifesto encouraging religious tolerance. The Iseum is open and available for learning more concerning our ancient and modern  customs and traditions.It is line with Mystery School systematics and offers different initiations and degrees. Through rituals, yoga, meditation, Isiac history and art our main goal is to perpetuate and promote, in a positive and well rounded way the traditions of modern Isiacism- the practice of devotion to Isis. There is no conversion from a present or past spiritual path, we hope to assist an aspirant enhance their experience with new perspectives
Contact: Rev-Pastophor James Isidorus

New York
Flame of Brigid Iseum
Latham, NY

Heart Beats Drum Iseum/Lyceum

New York
This FOI center is dedicated to The Morrigan, Frigga, Freya,Idunn, Hel, Cernunnos, Odin  and our ancestors. The primary intention of Heart Beats Drum Lyceum- Iseum is the integration of  the indigenous wisdom within each participant into Fellowship of Isis studies.This intention is manifesting through individualized path working and communal magic making. Guided   exploration of core shamanism, Celtic tradition and Northern European seidr development are offered. We emphasize the development of Oracular and Healing skills. Working with the Star of Ishtar is, of course, at the heart of our curricula. Formal study toward Adepti and Magi Degrees is availablelong-distance and in person. We are also happy to work with FOI members who aren't doing Degree work through this Lyceum. Distance and in-person participation available. The lyceum is located in the northern region of New York state. Please contact the Lyceum founder for more details.
Contact: Arthur Freeheart, Pr. H.
E- mail:
Iseum Argentum
New York City
Contact: Carole Linda Gonzalez

Iseum of the Healing Heart of Isis

New York City, NY
The Iseum of Hope, Faith and Healing
Schenectady, New York
Contact: Suzanne Amsler
Iseum of Isis and Yemaya
NYC, New York
Iseum of Sekhmet the Awakener
Ithaca, New York
Contact: Lady Sarolta

Iseum of the Tao of Isis
Valhalla, New York
The Iseum of the Tao of Isis is an Iseum of one, and was established as a center for personal worship. It will also act as a vehicle for the spiritual writings of Paul 'The Mystic Fool' Ingrassia.
Contact: Paul 'The Mystic Fool' Ingrassia
Temple of the Sacred Waters Iseum
Lake George, NY
P. O. Box 190
Lake George, NY 12845

Temple of Earth and Sky Iseum

New York
692 Pleasant Valley
Berne NY  12023
Contact: Mary Browne


Web of Wisdom and Enchantment
Latham, NY

North Carolina
FlameKeeper of Brighid Iseum
North Carolina 
Iseum of the Living Goddess Sekhmet
North Carolina
Contact: Lady Sekhmet, Prs.
All Things Sekhmet Website:
Iseum of the Scarlet Shakti
Chapel Hill
Contact: Nuit Moore

The Marishtara-Isis Iseum
Coshocton, Ohio
The Marishtara-Isis Iseum (#420) was established by FOI Co-Founders Rt. Rev. Lawrence Robertson (Baron of Strathloch) and the Honorable Lady and Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson on February 24, 1994.
Founder: Marie Clewley-Radley, Prs.
Iseum of the Radiant Flame
Lorain, OH
PO Box 752
Lorain, OH 44052
Iseum of Aset
Portland, Oregon
Iseum of the Egyptian Sacred Triad
Dallas, Oregon
Contact: Mari Aset

Iseum of Isis, Great of Magic
Portland, Oregon
Contact: M. Isidora Forrest, Prs.
Iseum of the Lady of Mystery
Beaverton, Oregon
Contact: Rev. Denise M. Allen
Tel: 562-708-5909
Iseum of Sekhmet
Portland, Oregon
Iseum of the Asherah Tree
Delaware Water Gap, PA
Contact: Bethsheba Ashe
Facebook: Chariot Merkabah

Iseum of the Blue Moon
Contact: Elizabeth Cardiff

Iseum of the Graceful Goddess
New Hope, PA

Omegarcha Iseum
Altoona, Pennsylvania USA


Temple of the Golden Lotus Iseum

Malvern, PA
Iseum of the Lady Christ 
This Iseum is dedicated to Mary Magdalene. 
Contact: Cerridwen Quinne, Priestess Adept

Iseum of Khut Heqet Isis
We share the Egyptian Mysteries, through rituals, festivals, workshops, and public records (which means interviews that are positive and uplifting for our faith when asked).  I am in the process of pulling together classes on the Woolstein Theological Seminary that start in June which is the Egyptian Mythology one, two and three (this is happening as we speak).  I have paid for and will have in Septempber 2015 the first Women's Goddess festival in the Midsouth called the "Weavers of the Web" which I have sponsored and I will run to help women experience the love and mysteries of the Eygptian Goddesses.  I also plan on creating a "women's charity movement" for young inner city women to help empower them...though it will take me a year to get there.  In the meantime, I sponsor liberally the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community center with clothing, food, and counseling and MARCH with them in the BIG parade downtown by the river every year.  
Contact:  Rev. Sonya Miller
Phone:  901-+265-6869
Address:  5091 Parkside Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117


Iseum Benedictus
The Iseum Benedictus is dedicated to Hathor-Isis, Hekate, and Aine, offering a spiritual home for Her sons and daughters. Within our Temple, we celebrate Her Mysteries, offering the rites of the Fellowship of Isis. We are currently offering this online, complete with our online seminary for training.
Contact:  Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.

Iseum of the Hearth of the Northern Star
San Antonio, Texas
Iseum of Nephthys Philomousa
Houston, Texas

Wings of Light Iseum
Dallas, Texas
Wings of Light Iseum is based in Eastern Texas and offers a year long course for ordination based on Kemetic, Hellenic, and Hermetic concepts.  Correspondence coursework will be offered in 2010.  Correspondence coursework is currently offered. Coursework is based on a seven level structure. The Iseum also offers Reiki attunements in Usui Reiki and various other modalities.  Please inquire at for information.  Bilingual instruction is offered (Tambien hablamos espanol). 
Contact: Meryt Kabuet

Iseum of Muth
Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone: 801-755-4419
Crossroads Earth Religion Iseum
Virginia Beach, VA

Iseum of Hathor, Lady of the West
Chesterfield, VA
This iseum has a face book page and classes are taught via the internet. This Iseum will explore the "passing over" of the soul into the Afterlife. We will explore the Deities who can help guide the soul over into the next life, with hope, love and even ecstatic bliss, uniting with the Divine and beloved Ancestors. For more information please contact the iseum founder.
Contact: Rev. Donna M. Swindells

Iseum Isadora
Virginia Beach, VA
The ministry of this centre focuses on the arts. A series of DVDs are now available. They feature original ritual dramas all written, directed and featuring Priestess Hierophant Jeanne Foster. They include harp, bells, gongs, chants and sacred dance. For more information please contact the iseum founder.
Contact: Jeanne Foster, Prs. H.
Facebook: Iseum Isadora and Lyceum Temple Beautiful Isis are on Facebook
The Temple of Ausset and Chango Iseum
Fairfax, Virginia
Contact: Lady Amber Dawn
Iseum Isis Chreste
Lynnwood, WA
Iseum of the Eternal Flame

Iseum of the Ocean Goddess
Pacific Northwest
Iseum of the Sacred Blue Rose
Contact: Kelly Kelleher
Facebook: Kelly Kelleher

Iseum of Stella Maris, Star of the Sea
Bellingham, Washington
Contact: Joanna Powell Colbert

West Virginia

Iseum of the Open Heart
Morgantown, WV