Druid Clan of Dana

Photo shows Olivia Robertson at the Summer Solstice Druid Gathering, Primrose Hill, London, 1992. Present were John Merron and Caroline Wise, and other London members. Olivia had also taken part in solstice Druid rites at Primrose Hill with Ross Nichols in the 1960s. Permission to use this photo has been given to Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News by Philip Shallcrass, Chief of the British Druid Order. Please do not share. © Philip Shallcrass.

"Vision is a hall-mark of working with Dana." - Olivia Robertson

Principles, Ethics and Practices of the FOI Co-Founders in their Druid Clan of Dana Grove (Grove of Eithne)

Purpose of the Druid Clan of Dana

Roots of the Druid Clan of Dana

In The Grove of Eithne (Clonegal Castle) - "Finding a Soul Friend"

Overview: For Nature's Magic

The Goddess Dana by Olivia Robertson

The Goddess Dana by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson



Important Announcement about DCD Coursework

Admission into a Grove, Coursework, Rites and Grades

Druid Clan of Dana Ritual Key for Star of Ishtar

Six Oracles for the Druid Clan of Dana by Olivia Robertson

Druid Clan of Dana Rites of Admission and Consecration

The Rite of Dana

Olivia's Observations on the Lunula  (including photos)

Basis of DCD Coursework Guidelines 

Sample Rite: Flamma Brighid: Adaptation of Flamma Vestae for use in a DCD Grove 

Sample Rite: Lasair Danann: Adaptation of Flamma Vestae for use in a DCD Grove

Fellowship of Isis Glossary



The Fairy Seat of the Druid Clan of Dana

Map of the Slaney River near Clonegal Castle

The Druid Clan of Dana and the CoBDO at Stonehenge

The Druid Clan of Dana and the CoBDO at Primrose Hill, London

Druid Clan of Dana: A Personal Experience 

Mr. Fox: Amergin of the Slaney


Listings of Druid Clan of Dana Groves

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