Fellowship of Isis History Archive

In February of 2006, Fellowship of Isis co-founder and ArchPriestess Lady Olivia Robertson, approved a proposal from the Circle of Isis Advisory Board Meeting to archive Fellowship of Isis history.  Heartfelt thanks to Olivia Robertson for her kind assistance.  Her continuing support and enthusiasm for the work of the COI website is deeply appreciated.

Welcome to the Fellowship of Isis Archives.  Enjoy!
1. The Fellowship of Isis
The First Rituals   (1960's - mid 1970's)
Temple of Isis and Ngame   (1981 - Present)

Elen of the Ways   (1983)
FOI Chicago   (1996)

Tribute to Olivia Robertson  (April 13, 1917 - November 14, 2013)

Dulce Domum: Loreon Vigne   (July 15, 2014)

Biography of Loreon Vigne  (June 8, 1932 - July 15, 2014)

Statement - The Star of Tara (Concerning the Legacy of the FOI Co-Founders)  (January 15, 2015)

Mirror Magic with Olivia Robertson (In Honor of Her Centenary) (April 1 - 13, 2017)
A thirteen day series of meditations based on a magical technique employed by Olivia and her brother Lawrence in their temple.

2. The Original FOI Manuals
The College of Isis Manual and the Fellowship of Isis Handbook can be viewed at the links below, in their original form. They are included here for archival purposes. 
3. Official FOI Publications
The pages below describe a bit of the history behind the officially authorized publications of the Fellowship of Isis.

Isian News: The Original FOI Publication