Cressida Pryor

Appointed Steward of the Fellowship of Isis

Photo above, Cressida Pryor, niece of the three FOI Co-Founders, on the day of her ordination as a priestess.

Photo by Caroline Wise. Photo is copyrighted, please do not reproduce.

Cressida Pryor was ordained by Caroline Wise and Olivia Robertson in late June, 2009. She was consecrated as a hierophant by Olivia at the Temple of Isis, Foundation Centre, Clonegal Castle. Cressida, who works with Caroline’s lyceum Isis of the Thames, has formed the Lyceum of the Wise Woman of Winchcombe. Cressida was appointed steward of the Fellowship of Isis on July 23, 2011. Olivia stated during the dedication ceremony, held in a private home in Glastonbury a few days later, Cressida was to fulfill the role of liaison between FOI members and the family living at the castle.

Another photo taken on the day of Cressida's ordination. Cressida’s sister left, then Cressida, Olivia and Olivia’s niece Anna (daughter of Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson) Behind them to the right, Caroline Wise. Back row, Christine Rhone and John Merron. Photo courtesy of Caroline Wise, photo is copyrighted. Please do not reproduce.

Update: Honoring a consensus of members and centers worldwide, we have chosen to continue operation of the FOI Union Triad (Archdruid Union, Archpriesthood Union, Grand Commander Union) as overall custodian of the legacy of the Fellowship of Isis. The FOI Union Triad is comprised of long time members; many have served in the FOI for decades, and knew Olivia well, having worked directly with her for years.

We continue use of the writings of the FOI Co-Founders Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson as our guide. Their many books, the FOI Manifesto, recorded and videotaped interviews; along with the announcements issued by Olivia Robertson provide a sound basis of founding ethics and principles. We have chosen to follow the path created for us by Olivia Robertson, as she had so carefully planned during the last fifteen years of her life. Perhaps it would be better to say, it is not so much that we chose, it was the only option before us that would allow the FOI to survive according to the vision of the Co-Founders. The FOI Manifesto has provided a basis for consent of membership and a guarantee of certain rights for all members since the founding of the Fellowship in 1976.

We truly wish Cressida Pryor and those with whom she works well. We recognize all the membership, appointments and centers and all rights of copyright granted by Olivia during her lifetime.

May we all walk forward in peace into a bright and inspiring future. May the healing wings of Isis enfold and protect us all.

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