Seasonal Festival Invitations

Invitations to Attend Seasonal Festivals at Clonegal Castle (Huntington Castle)

The Circle of Brigid

On the 8th May 2004, during the FOI gathering and ceremony for Beltane, the late Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder, formally announced the sharing of her role as hostess with the newly formed Circle of Brigid. The Circle of Brigid continues to organize the eight yearly FOI Festivals since Olivia's passing in November, 2013. The Rev. Cressida Pryor acts as sole advisor.

Invitations to the eight seasonal Goddess Festivals at Clonegal Castle may be applied for by e-mail, placing the words “FOI invitations” in the subject line. Send to:      or

The Fellowship of Isis Seasonal Festivals are held privately, dates are not publicized in advance. Members who wish to attend should contact and make plans well ahead. Those traveling from overseas should contact the honorary secretary at the e-mail address above before travel arrangements are made.

Note: As of Lughnasadh 2018 the Circle of Brigid is now known as the Rainbow Circle.

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